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2023-05-22: News Headlines

WSWS (2023-05-21). Scottish government scraps mask use in social care settings. wsws.org The Scottish government scrapped the use of masks in health and social care settings, four days after the World Health Organisation falsely declared the pandemic emergency over.

ecns.cn (2023-05-22). Direct flights between Fuzhou and Taiwan island resume. ecns.cn Direct flights between Taiwan island and Fuzhou, capital of Southeast China's Fujian Province, resumed on Monday after being suspended for over three years due to the pandemic and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities' obstacles.

Joelle Fishman, Mariano Rivera (2023-05-22). Rally at Connecticut State Capitol Demands 'Equity Can't Wait'. peoplesworld.org HARTFORD, CONN — After months of testifying at public hearings and sharing personal stories with legislators showing the emergency need to fund living wages and human needs post pandemic, nearly 2,000 rallied at the State Capitol under the banner "Equity Can't Wait." As the rally called on lawmakers to pass a moral budget, inside the …

Paul Craig Roberts (2023-05-22). The Federal Reserve's Anti-inflation Policy Makes No Sense. thealtworld.com Dear readers and fellow economists, the Federal Reserve is treating a rise in prices from supply shocks and disruptions from the Covid lockdowns and sanctions against Russia, Iran, and other countries as if it were a monetary inflation. It is true that too much money is chasing too few goods and services, but the cause is supply shortages and not excess consumer demand. | This fact is obvious, but it is not acknowledged. We know that the lockdowns and sanctions stopped production, caused transportation problems, caused energy shortages, caused business failures, and disrupted supply chains. | We know that excess…

imperial.ac.uk (2023-05-22). New partnership will use molecular glues to tackle 'undruggable' disease targets. imperial.ac.uk Researchers at Imperial, the Francis Crick Institute and AstraZeneca will advance the discovery of new 'molecular glues' to treat a range of diseases.

Robert S. Becker (2023-05-22). Suicidal Rethugs gift Dems by reducing elections to absurdly simple choices: Want truth or lies? Democracy or oppression? Consensus or disorder? nationofchange.org Dems should simply repeat, "Do you want Trump in charge when the next global disease event strikes"?

_____ (2023-05-22). Got Titers? New Test Makes It Easy, Inexpensive to Find Out if You're Immune to 11 Infectious Diseases. transcend.org 15 May 2023 – ImmunoProfile Æ, a new at-home test kit available online, simultaneously measures antibody titers for 11 infectious diseases, allowing individuals to determine quickly and inexpensively if they already have immunity to the diseases.

Peoples Dispatch (2023-05-22). Three Palestinians killed in Israeli raids in Nablus and Jenin. peoplesdispatch.org A large number of Israeli soldiers—accompanied by special forces, armored vehicles and bulldozers—carried out the dawn raid at the Balata camp in Nablus. Another raid was simultaneously carried out at the Jenin refugee camp…

ecns.cn (2023-05-22). Nation's effort to safeguard biodiversity pays dividends. ecns.cn China's efforts to protect habitats and biodiversity have contributed to the increase in the population of many endangered species, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration said on Monday, the 23rd International Day for Biological Diversity.

ecns.cn (2023-05-22). In Numbers: China's improvements in biodiversity conservation. ecns.cn

teleSUR (2023-05-22). Rwanda Marks Biodiversity Day With a Call to Protect Nature. telesurenglish.net On Monday, Rwanda celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity with a call on the public to reconnect with nature and prioritize biodiversity. | RELATED: | The event, organized by the Environment Ministry in Kigali, featured discussions about the implementation of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework adopted last December as part of efforts to halt and reverse nature loss. | Speaking at the event, Rwandan…

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