2022-01-09: News Headlines

Staff (2022-01-08). Mom brings child to Covid-testing site in car trunk. rt.com A high-school teacher has been accused of felony child endangerment after taking drastic measures to avoid catching the coronavirus from her son | Texas police are looking for a high-school English teacher after she allegedly locked her Covid-19 positive child in a car trunk to limit exposure on the way to a testing facility. | An arrest warrant for felony child endangerment was issued for Sarah Beam, 42, on Friday after her 13-year-old son was discovered in the car trunk at Houston's Pridgeon Stadium Covid-19 testing center this week. | Bevin Gordon, the health services director for the local independent scho…

Staff (2022-01-08). Biden assesses future of Covid-19 'new normal'. rt.com The US president weighed in on whether the coronavirus will ever be contained | President Joe Biden said he believes the "new normal" brought by the Covid-19 outbreak will eventually let up, offering some optimism about the pandemic while arguing the US is already in a much better place than it was in 2021. | "Covid as we are dealing with it now is not going to stay," Biden told reporters on Friday, adding that the US has "so many more tools we are developing and continue to develop" to suppress the virus. | The president argued that the US is currently in a better position compared to last year, with 90% of s…

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-01-08). Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data. globalresearch.ca What is contained in Pfizer's confidential report is detailed evidence on the impacts of the "vaccine" on mortality and morbidity. This data which emanates from the Horse's Mouth can be used to confront as well formulate legal procedures against Big Pharma, the governments, the WHO and the media.

WSWS (2022-01-08). Rank-and-file Canadian educators to hold emergency meeting this Sunday to fight for COVID-19 elimination strategy. wsws.org The Trudeau Liberal government and its provincial counterparts let Omicron run rampant although it was known to be much more infectious and resistant to vaccines.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-01-08). "Covid Ethnic Cleansing": The Vaccinated vs. the Unvaccinated: Those Who Refuse the Vaccine and the "Official" Covid-19 Narrative are Categorized as "Psychopaths" globalresearch.ca Note: | First published on August 26, 2020. Author's Note | This …

Global Research News (2022-01-08). After FDA says it can release COVID-19 vaccine data by 2097, federal judge orders all info to be shared this year. globalresearch.ca Report by TheBlaze.com | The

WSWS (2022-01-08). US Supreme Court hears challenge to Biden administration vaccine mandates. wsws.org In arguments before the Supreme Court Friday, conservative justices appeared ready to block a vaccine mandate for large employers issued by the Biden administration.

Florence CGTN (2022-01-08). U.S. Supreme Court hears challenges to Biden's COVID vaccine mandates. america.cgtn.com The U.S. Supreme Court has heard arguments on whether two key White House vaccine mandates can proceed. What justices decide will impact millions of employees and healthcare workers.

Maria Paez Victor (2022-01-08). Some Reflections on Venezuela's Resiliency. orinocotribune.com By Maria Páez Victor — Jan 5, 2022 | The end of the year 2021 has come and as customary, we reflect upon what we have lived during it. | Pandemic | First to be considered is the pandemic. We thought that with the roll out of the vaccines we would see the ebbing of the epidemic. But it has not been so. | ‚Ä¢ The USA continues to be the epicenter of the pandemic with 167,302 cases per million, and 2,537 deaths per million. | ‚Ä¢ It is followed in severity by India, Brazil, Great Britain, Russia, Turkey, France, Germany, Iran, Spain and Italy. | ‚Ä¢ Canada is numb…

WSWS (2022-01-08). Australian state government considers forcing unvaccinated COVID patients to pay for hospital care. wsws.org Unvaccinated persons, currently less than 6 percent of adults in NSW, are being scapegoated for large outbreaks, with claims that they are taking up a disproportionate amount of healthcare resources.

Staff (2022-01-08). Argentina Assumes Pro Tempore Presidency of CELAC. orinocotribune.com Argentina has assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) for the year 2022, announcing its vision to strengthen the unity of the region and to further advance regional integration. | Argentina will replace Mexico as the president state of CELAC after the latter had been in charge of the organization for more than a year, as meetings and elections had been postponed in the midst of the pandemic. | During the plenary session of the 22nd Summit of Foreign Affairs Ministers of the CELAC, which was held this Friday, January 7, at the San Martín Palace in Buenos A…

WSWS (2022-01-08). An open letter to all South Asian workers: The pandemic must be ended and lives saved in 2022! wsws.org In terms of its cost in human lives, the pandemic ranks among the greatest tragedies in the history of South Asia and in particular India.

WSWS (2022-01-08). Lockout of Chicago teachers continues as child hospitalizations climb. wsws.org Teachers remain defiant in their effort to prevent the pandemic from worsening, while the Chicago Teachers Union is continuing its negotiations with district officials to reopen for in-person learning as soon as an agreement can be reached.

WSWS (2022-01-08). Educators and parents denounce UK education unions over unsafe schools. wsws.org The National Education Union has worked to keep schools open throughout the pandemic. It now makes the lying claim that it organised the mobilisation of teachers and shutdown of schools last January, at the height of the pandemic.

Hugo Wils (2022-01-08). Pallet distribution workers in Manchester strike for 5% pay rise. themilitant.com MANCHESTER, England — "Our claim is for a 5% rise in our wages, the company is offering 2%," Malcolm Bostock, a Unite union representative, told the Militant on the picket line at the CHEP U.K. plant in Trafford Park. CHEP is owned by Australian company Brambles, one of the major distributors of pallets worldwide. | Bostock and some five dozen of his co-workers have been on strike since Dec. 17, after four one-day strikes. "We've worked all the way through the COVID pandemic, we'll keep going until we get what we deserve," he said. | Strikers maintain a 24-hour picket line from Monday to Friday. "People sup…

WSWS (2022-01-08). US hospitalizations for COVID-19 rapidly closing in on pandemic high. wsws.org Despite the inundation of health systems across the country, the White House has made clear it intends to stay the course demanding schools and businesses remain open.

WSWS (2022-01-08). An open letter to workers in Australia: Join the global fight to end the pandemic and save lives in 2022! wsws.org The homicidal policies of the ruling classes everywhere are finding stark expression in Australia, where governments have completely abandoned previous mitigation measures and are presiding over an unparalleled increase in COVID-19 infections.

WSWS (2022-01-08). Capitalism's perpetual pandemic. wsws.org The US government and media are demanding that COVID-19 become the "new normal," legitimizing mass death in perpetuity.

Richard Horton (2022-01-08). [Comment] Offline: The origins story—towards a Deep Ecology. thelancet.com Whatever the precise origins of SARS-CoV-2, one doesn't have to wait for the definitive source of COVID-19 to be identified before important lessons are learned—lessons that the global health community presently seems to be ignoring. There are four immediate priorities. First, countries must strengthen public health surveillance to deliver a globally robust early warning system for pneumonias of unknown aetiology. The Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, chaired by Helen Clark and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, made this recommendation in their May, 2021 report to the World Health Assembly.

Owen Fairclough (2022-01-08). U.S. unemployment rate in December falls to pandemic low. america.cgtn.com U.S. unemployment has fallen to the lowest level since the pandemic began and after a year of what the Biden administration calls record job gains. Even though December's employment increase fell far short of expectations, many analysts say the economy is in good shape. …

WSWS (2022-01-08). India reports first Omicron death as daily infections surge past 100,000. wsws.org Despite a sudden and massive rise in cases, the Indian government is not ready to enforce a lockdown to break the chain of COVID-19 infections.

WSWS (2022-01-08). US health staff forced to work while infected with COVID-19. wsws.org An ED nurse in Florida: "I pray that I don't have to work a code or do chest compressions because I don't want to fail my patient in delivering poor CPR because I'm barely able to breathe myself."

Florence CGTN (2022-01-08). Omicron brings fresh woes to recovering hotel industry. america.cgtn.com Hotels in New York say the surge in cases of the COVID-19 Omicron variant led to mass cancellations over the holiday season. Some hotels are also struggling to recruit staff in the face of a national labor shortage. But industry leaders say the situation is still …

Rabbi Hillel Handler (2022-01-08). Stop the Covid Holocaust! Open Letter. globalresearch.ca

WSWS (2022-01-08). Spanish authorities to cut COVID-19 reporting as cases explode. wsws.org The PSOE-Podemos government has made clear that it plans to take no action to protect the health and lives of the Spanish people, embracing a fascistic policy of "herd immunity."

WSWS (2022-01-08). Teachers and students in Germany support Chicago teachers' fight for remote learning. wsws.org In Germany, teachers, parents and students are following the struggle of Chicago teachers with great interest and agreement, as the German government is also letting COVID-19 rip by keeping schools and businesses open.

Dr. Pascal Sacré (2022-01-08). The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a "Test" To Lock Down Society. globalresearch.ca The misuse of the RT-PCR technique is used as an intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society,…

WSWS (2022-01-08). Letter from a supplemental autoworker on 12-hour shifts at Warren Truck Assembly Plant. wsws.org A worker describes intolerable conditions at the plant, including long hours and lack of COVID safety measures.

WSWS (2022-01-08). COVID-19 surges in Thailand, amid mounting Omicron cases. wsws.org Despite health warnings about the dangers posed by positive Omicron cases, the government eased restrictions ahead of the New Year celebrations to appease sections of big business.

Margaret McCartney (2022-01-08). [Perspectives] The fall of a poisoned empire. thelancet.com Arthur M Sackler (1913—87) was a psychiatrist, researcher, and the owner of a boutique marketing agency. When he was inducted into the Medical Advertising Hall of Fame in 1997, his citation was: "No single individual did more to shape the character of medical advertising than the multi-talented Dr Arthur Sackler". The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that between 1999 and 2019, nearly 500‚Äà000 people in the USA died from an opioid overdose, including prescription and illicit opioids.

WSWS (2022-01-08). Steelworkers union conspires with auto parts maker Dana to keep workers on the line despite mass infection. wsws.org As of Friday morning, at least 140 workers at the plant were out sick, and a worker whose wife tested positive was allegedly instructed by management to report to work.

Staff (2022-01-08). Gunmen kill at least 140 people in NW Nigeria. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jan. 08 (MNA) — Gunmen known locally as "bandits" killed at least 140 people in multiple raids this week in northwest Nigeria, four residents told Saturday, but there was no official confirmation.

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